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The property management tool for the 21st century.

Roostul helps great landlords and managing agents plan for future lettings with ease. Reducing the time needed to find a great tenant down to hours

Roostul platform


Property management, backed by data

With Roostul, you can be certain you are marketing your property towards the correct demographics, at the perfect price and at the perfect moment. Making finding the right tenant, quick, affordable and hassle free.


Read what tenants have said about your property, and reply.

Government Data

Crime, trains, buses, pubs and more. Discover what gives your property the edge.

Local searches

Find out what tenants in your area are actually looking for, discover your demographic.

Different from the rest

Long term listings

List your property indefinitely, and allow tenants to register interest long before your current tenants leave. Ensuring your property is always occupied.

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Captains Log

Keep an up to date log of changes to your property. Recently renovated? Replaced the oven? Added a loft conversion? Keep prospective tenants in the know.

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